Our Dolby certified dubbing stage is the largest and best equipped mixing theatre in The Netherlands. With a measurement of 170 m² / 1830 ft² a gigantic screen, calibrated Barco 2K DCI projection, 7.1 surround sound and a scratch color grading system. The mixing theater is also great for ADR, foley, DCP viewings or any kind of presentations and listening sessions.

STMPD recording studios

"Creating a platform and inspiring environment in Amsterdam where writers, musicians and producers from all over the world can get together to create amazing music." That’s Martin Garrix’ vision that has come alive at STMPD recording studios.

We offer a multi-room recording and mixing facility for artists, producers and musicians. High end gear, perfect acoustics and professional dedicated staff will be present at all times. Next to that, the studio also features a great space to lounge and relax.

STMPD recording studios is located in the former studio complex of FC Walvisch, where (inter)national artists and producers wrote and recorded their hits including Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, The Script, David Guetta and of course Martin Garrix himself.

STMPD recording studios is specialised in both music and film production and will have distinct focused offerings for both music and film producers.

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M: contact@stmpdrecordingstudios.com
T: 020 - 668 61 61
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 68
1114 AD Amsterdam